Legends Returning to their Boyhood Clubs
Posted by George on July 4, 2020

FC Groningen fans are raving the return of Arjen Robben. The club managed to convince him out of retirement by showing him Jordan’s “The Last Dance” documentary where the legend returns to glory. Here are other stars who returned to their boyhood club!

FIFA 21 Next Gen.png
FIFA 21 Next Gen (PS5/XBOX SX)
Posted by George on June 27, 2020

The new consoles have been revealed. Now, what should you expect from FIFA 21 on the PlayStation 5 & the XBOX series X?

Top 5 Female Talents In FIFA21
Posted by Marc on June 25, 2020

Who is going to be the next big thing in Women Football? Check it out in this list!

Top 5 Most Googled Men In FIFA 21
Posted by Marc on June 21, 2020

Always interesting to have a sneak peak into what are people searching at the moment. Regarding FIFA 2021 we already have the data for you! (Bless SEMRush!).

The Best FIFA 21 Women Players
Posted by Marc on June 17, 2020

The women were the last gender to have a major tournament, in which USA defeated The Netherlands in the final. Megan Rapinoe was one of the most discussed players of the tournament, by saying she wouldn’t visit Trump in the White House for instance. She h

Top 5 Most Googled Female Footballers In FIFA 21
Posted by Marc on June 13, 2020

We haven’t written an article about women football before! Let’s change this. First up, the most googled female footballers, to gain insights in which players to have a look at in FIFA 21. Let’s go!

The Global "RB" Football Network
Posted by George on June 7, 2020

The drink manufacturer pushed the boundaries of club ownership with their heavily commercialized football empire. Let’s examine how they used a network of teams to flourish in modern football while also furthering their enterprise.

What will be Germany’s line-up in FIFA 2021?
Posted by Marc on June 2, 2020

Fair to say Germany had a terrible World cup in 2018. They are keen for revenge in the Euro’s 2021. But with what squad? Here are our picks! Germany has got an amazing broad squad.

Possible Top Best Players In FIFA 2021
Posted by Marc on May 30, 2020

The season 2019/2020 has highlighted some extraordinary talents in football. However, are they going to approach Messi’s & Ronaldo’s rating in FIFA 2021? We are doing a prediction.