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Lecce FIFA 24

Lecce FIFA 24 Ratings

Serie A TIM

Team Information
Defensive Style

Defensive Style Pressure On Heavy Touch

Width 51

Depth 51

Offensive Style

Offensive Style Balanced

Width 71

Players In Box 3

Corners 3

Free Kicks 3

Player Roles

Captain Hjulmand

Short Free Kick Gabriel Strefezza

Long Free Kick Hjulmand

Penalties Gabriel Strefezza

Left Corner Hjulmand

Right Corner Hjulmand

Loaned Out
OVR POT Name Preferred Positions Age
Fabio Lucioni FIFA 24Italy7171Fabio LucioniCB35Frosinone FIFA 24
Marcin Listkowski FIFA 24Poland6570Marcin ListkowskiCMLW25Brescia FIFA 24
Pablo Rodríguez FIFA 24Spain6475Pablo RodríguezSTLW22Brescia FIFA 24
John Björkengren FIFA 24Sweden6372John BjörkengrenCDMCM24Brescia FIFA 24
Ilario Monterisi FIFA 24Italy6173Ilario MonterisiRBCB21Frosinone FIFA 24