Note: the team and player ratings displayed for FIFA 23 are not final.
Karlsruher SC FIFA 23

Karlsruher SC FIFA 23 Ratings

Germany 2. Bundesliga (2)

Team Information
Defensive Style

Defensive Style Balanced

Width 40

Depth 50

Offensive Style

Offensive Style Balanced

Width 50

Players In Box 4

Corners 3

Free Kicks 3

Player Roles

Captain Gondorf

Short Free Kick Wanitzek

Long Free Kick Wanitzek

Penalties Wanitzek

Left Corner Wanitzek

Right Corner Heise

Position OVR POT Name Preferred Positions Age
35GKMarius Gersbeck FIFA 23Germany7072Marius GersbeckGK27
3RCBDaniel Gordon FIFA 23Jamaica6868Daniel GordonCB37
22LCBChristoph Kobald FIFA 23Austria6974Christoph KobaldCB25
16LBPhilip Heise FIFA 23Germany6969Philip HeiseLB31
38CDMTim Breithaupt FIFA 23Germany6877Tim BreithauptCDM20
8RCMJérôme Gondorf FIFA 23Germany7171Jérôme GondorfCMCDM34
10LCMMarvin Wanitzek FIFA 23Germany7171Marvin WanitzekCM29
14RWBenjamin Goller FIFA 23Germany6977Benjamin GollerLRW23
33STPhilipp Hofmann FIFA 23Germany7373Philipp HofmannST29
11LWChoi Kyoung Rok FIFA 23Korea Republic7070Choi Kyoung RokCAMCMRW27
7SubMarc Lorenz FIFA 23Germany6767Marc LorenzLWLM34
37SubFabio Kaufmann FIFA 23Germany6767Fabio KaufmannRW29
21SubMarco Thiede FIFA 23Germany6969Marco ThiedeRBRW30
5SubDaniel O'Shaughnessy FIFA 23Finland6768Daniel O'ShaughnessyCB27
1SubMarkus Kuster FIFA 23Austria6565Markus KusterGK28
24SubFabian Schleusener FIFA 23Germany6868Fabian SchleusenerSTLWRW30
17SubLucas Cueto FIFA 23Germany6768Lucas CuetoLWRW26
32SubRobin Bormuth FIFA 23Germany6971Robin BormuthCB26
9SubMalik Batmaz FIFA 23Turkey6674Malik BatmazLWRW22
18SubKilian Jakob FIFA 23Germany6470Kilian JakobLBLM24
6SubLeon Jensen FIFA 23Germany6368Leon JensenCMCDM25
40SubLazar Mirkovic FIFA 23Serbia5569Lazar MirkovicCB20
28ResPaul Löhr FIFA 23Germany5565Paul LöhrGK21
34ResJannis Rabold FIFA 23Germany6169Jannis RaboldRB21
20ResFelix Irorere FIFA 23Germany5872Felix IrorereCB20
30ResNiklas Heeger FIFA 23Germany5965Niklas HeegerGK22
2ResSebastian Jung FIFA 23Germany6868Sebastian JungRB32
31ResTim Rossmann FIFA 23Germany5472Tim RossmannLW18
27ResStefano Marino FIFA 23Italy5573Stefano MarinoST18
Loaned Out
OVR POT Name Preferred Positions Age
Lukas Fröde FIFA 23Germany6869Lukas FrödeCDMCB27Hansa Rostock FIFA 23
Dominik Kother FIFA 23Germany6673Dominik KotherLMLW22SV Waldhof Mannheim FIFA 23